Forthcoming: six poems in Cream City Review.

Forthcoming: four poems from INTRANSIGENT (ms. in progress), in Columbia Reviews.

Out now: poetry reviews regularly appearing in ANOMALY. Check out the current one (astrology holiday edition) in the Reviews section or search Genève Chao on Medium.

My translation of Alain Cressan’s in order to at Sink Review.

Bryan Thao Worra features me on his blog!

Recent Events:

KBOO Community Radio featured me on Poetry Potluck Radio Hour, 10pm, 2 October 2017!

17 June 2017 :most days i forget the sound of my own voice: a reading against erasure, Portland, High and Low Gallery.

1 July 2017: Panel Presentation: “Word Ocean Distance Language: an Opening of The Bounty,” on the work of Myung Mi Kim. At Poetry and Poetics of the Nineties, University of Maine — Orono.

14 July 2017: Red Rover reading series: Chicago, IL.

15 July 2017: Locofo Chaps group reading, Chicago, IL.

4 March 2017, Los Angeles: Reading at the Poetic Research Bureau with Laura Goldstein.

30 March 2017, Portland, OR, 7 pm: a reading and conversation on race and poetry, with Natasha Marin, Neil Aitken, Samiya Bashir. Hosted by Literary Arts.

6 May 2017, New York City, 3 pm: Reading, “The Pure Products of Miscegenation Go Crazy,” at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop. With Gabriela Garcia, Rosebud Ben-Oni, and Cynthia Arrieu-King.






Note: The current header image on this site is from Brian Thao Worra’s 2016 Asian American Poetry Roundup, of which I am honored to be part.

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