émigré, 2018, Tinfish Press. Now available at $13 presale.

What people are saying:

A slip, a lilt, doucement into the folds of this book, and there you will find “a précision/blade turned” — in these delicate, sharply turning moments of near-translation, my mind’s ear flickers back and forth, no terre to land upon, no land to rester en place. I sit beside the restless murmur of Genève Chao’s language, the echoes of nouns and verbs that refuse domestication, resist the erasure – of those who have left, émigré, wondering, “brutal/et absolu.”

— Sawako Nakayasu

When I circle all the words I do not know in Chao’s Émigré, the pages become bold with textual mime. Thought bubble after thought bubble of bl-understanding test one’s openness to learning. Chao’s powerful work obliges us as, more than readers, social actors in a very real world. Again and again, the poems ask us – in regret, in defiance, in hope – if we can be as curious, patient, and kind towards human beings as words. I dare you to rise to the challenge.

— Ya-Wen Ho

émigré, in its interweaving of four languages, is a strange experiment for the reader, as if their own language were delocalized, moving into and out of tongues as one follows the continuum of the text. And the tour de force is probably that the speech, in these poems, seems to take place in an unlocated interval – a space in between, “like foreign / ghosts.”

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