Personality Type (MBTI)

ENFP? INFJ? ISTP? ESTJ? What’s in a type? And what do all those letters mean, anyway?

“My interactive session with Geneva was really helpful. I had thought I knew my type, but it never quite felt right. Geneva was able to quickly identify a pattern in my self-description and help me find my natural preferences and understand why my results did not reflect them. Her depth of knowledge led to finding the type that fits me perfectly. Knowing my type and having it fit me so well has enhanced both my work and personal life and instilled in me a greater sense of self and a more clarified purpose. I recommend her services to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of who they are through MBTI.”                                                                         — William

I find personality typology immeasurably useful in both my professional and personal life, particularly with regard to relationships and communication. As a professional coach, I am a certified to administer and interpret the MBTI®(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). Through taking the online indicator and then meeting with me to discuss and determine their best-fit type, clients can develop concrete strategies for personal and professional development and relationship growth, and reach a better understanding of how personality preferences influence learning, relating, and decision-making.

Rates for individual (in person or video call) coaching are $90/hour. However, I am currently working toward my MBTI® Master Practitioner status and will be offering the MBTI®  online assessment plus an initial one-hour Type Verification session at $50. The Type Verification session is a conversation in which we discuss the uses and limits of personality type and delve deep into your own natural preferences to understand what your best-fit type is and how you can use this is life and work.

The Type Verification session includes an explanation of the four dichotomies (Introversion/Extraversion, iNtuition-Sensing, Feeling-Thinking, and Perceiving-Judging), discussion of the uses and limits of personality type, explanation of type dynamics and development, and assessment of the client’s reported type (what the MBTI® results indicate) and Verified Type (your combined assessment of your best fit type). I will also provide you with the six-page Interpretive Report on your type.

When you contact me, I will give you a link to take the MBTI online. It is about 93 questions; there are no right or wrong answers, and it takes approximately a half-hour. You can take it at your convenience and then I’ll contact you to schedule our interactive session.

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